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Welcome to Heppnerbooks


I’m Max Amichai Heppner, and I welcome you to my website.  I like meeting like-minded people and this website will show you ideas, thoughts and feelings I like to share.


I believe all paths lead toward the good, and my objective is to lead friends down that path.  I have discovered that people like to tell the story of their life, but many miss the significance inside the story.  I lead them to discover the nuggets of wisdom hidden inside each life; after extracting these nuggets, I help people record them and pass them on as a legacy to the next generation.  I call myself the “Wisdom Keeper” and encourage others to join the club.

I also record my history and thoughts in other ways:  I write books and help others write ringing autobiographies.  I prepare videos and slideshows.  I make colorful albums with expressive captions–all ways to preserve the meaning of my life and that of others.

My first published book, “I Live in a Chickenhouse,” tells of my escape from the ghetto in Amsterdam during the Holocaust, and my being saved by a loving Catholic farm family in the south of the country.  Versions of the book are available in English, Dutch, German, and Hebrew.  A Swiss playwright also turned it into a theater play, and an English version of the play, also titled, “I Live in a Chickenhouse,” is looking for a producer, playwright, or actor to put it on stage.  One gripping story from the book is in the works as a feature film, and I am looking for a producer to turn my concept into a hit movie.

I also tell the story of my survival in a documentary video titled “Rediscovering My Childhood,” available as a DVD in English and Dutch.  I also have a slide show that I present at schools, meetings, and Holocaust memorials, like the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and the Yad vaShem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem.

Other interests include:  Publicizing and recovering art stolen by the Nazis; promoting and practicing Kabbalah and meditation; and participating and developing  Jewish Renewal and other innovations in Jewish practice and lore.

Career Highlights

I have a Master’s degree in agricultural journalism from the University of Wisconsin (1960) and a Bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from the Ohio State University (1956) plus certificates from many professional and human potential workshops.   From 1965 to 1994, I worked as a public information specialist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. I produced press releases, pamphlets, speeches, and visuals about farms and farming.

I am married to Helena (née Levine); we have one surviving child, Liora, who lives in Switzerland with her husband, Edouard Modespacher, and their two young children, Mael and Kayla.  I also am close to the two daughters of my late wife Shana and their eight children–who call me grandpa.  They help me maneuver in the new reality of cyberspace.



I describe items I have for sale in detail in the following pages of this website.  Here is how to get your copiesy:

        TITLE                                HOW TO ORDER             COST

“I Live in a Chickenhouse”                    Click to Purchase               $25 (€15) plus postage

“Ik woon in een kippenhok”                  Click to Purchase               €14.90 plus postage

“Ich wohne in einem “Hühnerhaus”   Click to Purchase               €14.90 plus postage

“Rediscovering My Childhood”           Email Me                             $15 (€10) plus postage

“Op zoek naar mijn kinderjaren”        Email Me                             $15 (€10) plus postage

“Sefirot”                                                   Email Me                              $15 plus postage

“Omer”                                                     Email Me                              $15 plus postage

“Nazi Art Theft–Still Unsolved”        Click to Order                       Free, on line

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